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About Villavicencio

Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Villavicencio is the capital city of the department of Meta, located in the center of Colombia between the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes and the Llanos. The city is nicknamed “La Puerta de Oro de los Llanos” (The Golden Gate to the Plains).

 It is served by Alberto Carnevalli Airport. 

The city was founded in 1857 by Félix de Rojas y Arrubla. In 2013, it had a population of 472,488 inhabitants. It is the main economic and cultural center of Meta. With an average temperature of 75.5 °F (24.2 °C), Villavicencio is one of the warmest cities in Colombia. 

The city is located at an altitude of 984 feet (300 m) above mean sea level. The average annual precipitation for the years 1981–2010 was 1,953.4 millimetres (76.6 in).